Inscrit le 07 février 2017

Triogical, on tablet and smartphone

Catégorie : Jeux vidéos

  1. Triogical: the Golem is back!

    Date 14 avril à 13h11
  2. Triogical (US)
    Digital painting of the second castle

    Date 02 mars à 18h29
  3. Triogical (US)
    A quick sketch and the final Photoshop result a few hours later.
    This is one of the worlds containing different maps which can be selected.

    Date 10 février à 11h18
  4. Triogical (US)
    A sketch of the splash screen / welcome screen of the mobile application.
    No more robots... but blue, red and green sorcerers.

    Date 10 février à 11h18
  5. Triogical (US)
    Designing the diamond:
    1) A quick sketch
    2) A vector representation created with Illustrator
    3) Illustrator's result exported to Photoshop to finalize the design
    Yeah! A cool sprite in PNG format with alpha transparency...

    Date 10 février à 11h18