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  1. News on Maximemo
    Dear member!

    The tabs are now classified by CATEGORIES (art, history, tips & tricks, etc).

    The advantage of this new feature is to simplify your choice of topics to which you wish to subscribe and follow.

    Click the "subscribe" button above to discover the new organization.

    Enjoy surfing Maximemo!

    Date 15 avril 2015
  2. Dear Member,

    New updates are effective today (see photos):

    - You have a web link (URL) defined for each of your public tabs.
    So you can share your topics and memos on any site like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
    Your private tabs are private of course!

    - The message "Original memo from MEMBER-XXX" is displayed for a memo that you duplicated toward one of your topics.
    This lets you know from whom you have recovered, but also, if this member follow yourself, you will appreciate to see the memo that you duplicated indicates he is the original author.

    - Finally, take just a minute to see the photo at the top right, this is not a pub! It is a beautiful photo that appears every month with a description. Just a curiosity;-)

    See you soon!
    News on MaximemoNews on Maximemo

    Date 18 juin 2014