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  5. Cemtech specializes in cement finishes, biological concrete waterproofing and other related products for the construction industry.

    PolishCrete is a thin decorative cement-based system that is designed to be polished to a glossy, hard wearing floor. Its main objective is to provide a hard polished decorative coating for internal floors.Applied to a thickness of 5 to 10mm, PolishCrete can be finished in various ways, because polishing is a multistep process, you can choose the level of sheen – from satin to high-gloss – that meets your maintenance and aesthetic requirements. This versatility makes polished concrete an ideal flooring material for a variety of applications.

    SatinCrete creates a truly elegant finish as it cures to a suede like material finish, bringing a new appealing element to the room. It is supplied in a twin pack of SatinCrete Base and SatinCrete Colour that creates a smooth, coloured, waterproof finish; for interior use only.

    Cemplaster is a 3-5mm coloured, waterproof and fibre-reinforced plaster that gives a mottled effect to interior and exterior walls. It is a UV resistant product and stays unaffected by water. Cemplaster can be finished in various ways (scratched, brushed, sponged, smooth etc.)Colour Hardener gives you the typical cement flooring look- but with many more advantages.

    Colour Hardener
    Colour Hardener is a granolithic material, floated into the wet concrete, which strengthens and colours floors. It improves the floor’s abrasive resistance and the colour can’t be “rubbed off” or abraded as it is through the concrete to a depth of 2mm. Colours are also UV and alkali proof, which means that they will never fade.

    By combining architectural options such as wood or tile inlays with colours from Colour Hardener’s extensive catalogue, you can design the precise look you want for your home.

    Date January 12, 2014
  6. Maison

    Ritter Rd, Curepipe, Mauritius / Tel. (230) 670 8100 / Fax. (230) 670 8101 /

    Swimming Pools, Ponds & Water Features
    Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
    Structural & Electro-Mechanichal Design
    Maintenance Services
    Pool Equipments & Accessories
    Spa & Jacuzzis

    Date January 09, 2014